7 thoughts on “I am Tom Moody”

  1. What a charming gem you’ve found for us in “I am Tom Moody.” Thank you, E — I now officially join the ranks of MacKenzie Crook fans.

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    1. It’s lovely, isn’t it? I’ve become a shameless fan of Ainslie Henderson’s work. There’s a ‘making of’ video of Tom Moody here:

      I like the fact that the voice of the young Tom Moody is Mackenzie Crook’s son, Jude.

      Have you seen Mackenzie Crook’s series ‘Detectorists’? I missed it when it was on the BBC here, but I’m going to catch up now that it’s on Netflix.

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      1. I have not yet seen “Detectorists,” but it’s on my list now — just as Ainslie Henderson is on my radar, thanks to you.


      2. Thanks to Ainslie Henderson and Mackenzie Crook for taking the time to create such wonderfully human work.

        It’s the best of the internet, isn’t it, when it acts as an international ‘show and tell’? This gentleman’s blog https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/895607/posts/1904969970 has just invited Corita Kent http://corita.org/ into my world.

        Is she well known in the US? Her rules for creative life should be screen printed onto every lamp post.

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  2. I got goosebumps watching “I Am Tom Moody” and “The Unthanks” vids. I was alternately charmed and spooked, engaged throughout at all the levels. I have to admit, though, Neil Young’s “Cortez The Killer, ” listened to earlier this a.m., might have softened my up a tad.

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    1. Is ‘Detectorists’ popular on Netflix In the US? I missed it first time round on British TV, but seeing clips of Mackenzie Crook using his quiet skills to communicate something about the layers of time and the daily debris of the past we walk over every day makes me want to catch up on all 3 series. Do programmes about archaeology play well in America? There was a famous series here called ‘Time Team where Tony Robinson, well-known from ‘Blackadder’, historical comedy series, took a team of archaeologists to a field somewhere and dug down to ‘discover’ a castle or a Roman temple or some such.


  3. Referencing “Detectorists,” the mention in this context was the first I had heard of it. And whatever algorithm Netflix uses hasn’t cottoned on that I might like something like that. I’m not the one to ask if a British series is popular in the U.S., though. I’m way out of the mainstream.

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