Breathe like a chihuahua

… or read the news like a cowboy  –  Jessica Hansen’s exercises to connect with your best voice:

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Rosalía and Refree: Catalina

Emotion in song is built of shape, intention, belief, breath and control. It’s respect for the musician who accompanies you and the 80 year old masterpiece of Picasso that stands behind you:

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Little Simz: 101 FM. Something like an Odyssey

“a technically astonishing MC. Her verses freewheel from skippy, breathless flows that pack an impossible number of syllables per bar, to stop-start rhymes so tight to the beat they could’ve been superglued there.”    The Guardian

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Sangre de Muerdago: A Chamada da Néboa

When you want to see international cooperation in action, look to music. Asia Kindred Moore (American harpist), Georg Börner from Germany, playing a Swedish Nyckelharpa, Erich Heimansberg (German flute player) and Pablo Ursusson, Galician songwriter and singer, sing in Galego, the language of Pablo’s home. Together they make up Sangre de Muerdago. And when the American and the Germans need to harmonise with Pablo in Galego, they do, just fine. This song is called A Chamada da Néboa/The Call of the Mist:

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