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I started this blog to help singers whose first language isn’t English, especially those who have learnt a ‘proper, standard’ version of spoken English in school. Especially those who’ve been taught English by a non-native speaker.  I’ve noticed that English learners often struggle to step outside the version of English that they’ve learnt for exams.

The English of exams is not the English of song. They are sisters, but not identical twins. When you sing in English, you need to set your words free, to bend and stretch, to dance with the music.

When you sing in English, every word is an opportunity to touch your audience, or to make them turn away from you.

If you’re a professional singer or singing an English song in a contest, you need more specific input than this blog can possibly provide. Get in touch, send us an mp3, and we’ll let you know how we can help. We have a sliding scale of charges, depending on what you need.

We travel, we skype, or you can visit us, in beautiful Brighton, for an English singing break.

Hablamos español.

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