4 thoughts on “Carte sur Table: Go To Sleep, You Little Baby”

    1. Magical, isn’t it?

      I wonder whether the 3 Carte sur Table ladies dress in white in a nod to the ‘sirens’ in Oh Brother, where art thou? There’s an extra layer of ‘sweet somnolence’ to the less-than-fully-dressed ladies in the river versus the same voices – Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welch and Alison Krauss – fully clothed and completely dry:

      Here they are in the film, embodied slightly differently, Do they sound different because of what your eyes see or do you think they’re adding a layer of ‘siren’ intent to the song and making it sound more seductive?:


    1. Awww. My pleasure. What a lovely message to read 🙂

      Carte sur Table is a group of women from Strasbourg. They do ‘traditional songs’ with everyday objects – playing cards, glasses or just their hands on the kitchen table: https://www.facebook.com/cartesurtabletrio/

      El Naan, the Spanish group, led me to them:

      We saw El Naan perform Panaderas de Pan Duro at EtnoKraków festival this summer: http://www.etnokrakow.pl/en/ (wonderful festival of traditional music from all over the world, if you happen to be near Kraków in July). It was mesmerising and I imagine there must be a joyfully meditative feeling for the performers, ‘inside’ the precisely choreographed hand movements. A bit like juggling.


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