Don’t Look Back in Anger and don’t forget the T

People often choose Oasis songs for singing contests. They’re powerful and catchy. Sadly, a lot of contestants don’t listen to the Gallaghers properly. Just because Noel ghosts some of his consonants, it doesn’t mean they’re not important to the song.

Try this: listen to the chorus of Don’t Look Back in Anger. Listen for the at the end of don’t. Does Noel sing the t loudly, drop it completely or do something clever with it?

Could you hear it? Noel puts a strong emphasis on the don of don’t. But he doesn’t forget the t, not at all. He links the t of don’t  to the l of look. It sounds something like ‘tlook.‘ The t is soft and shadowy, but it’s there. Listen again if you didn’t hear it. Lose the t and you lose the meaning. Lose more consonants and you’ll lose more meaning, until the song starts to sound ridiculous.

While we’re at it, did you notice Noel singing ‘inanger’ instead of in anger? Why does he choose to do that?

And who’s driving the car in the video? So many questions.

© Sing Better English, 2014

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