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Stepping into a song: “Le Premier Bonheur du Jour”

When you sing, you’re telling a story. Like any good actor, you need to believe the words as they come out of your mouth; to choose them. No matter who wrote them.

Watch Françoise Hardy switch from ‘young female guest’ on Sacha Distel‘s TV show to ‘woman in love’.  We believe her as she starts to sing. Why? Because she believes herself. You can see her refocus and prepare in the video. Watch her pupils get bigger, then smaller, around 14 seconds in, as she prepares to sing Frank Gérald‘s words:

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My Feminine Ways

When you write a song in English, the right word can be a close, next-door neighbour to the ‘not-quite-right’ word.

Ragnar Kjartansson chose ‘once again’ instead of ‘yet again’ for the line that repeats in My Feminine Ways: “Once again, I fall into my feminine ways.”  He chose well. Once is a perfect fit. Yet would have forced the music to stumble. Why?

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