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Music Moves

Singing is a 3D activity. When you’re performing an English song, live or on YouTube, your international audience ‘reads’ you and your movements, closely. Your movements help your audience decide whether to relax and trust you. To let your voice into their hearts.

Remember this and remember Tommy Krångh:

Tommy says:

“I am always all in. I want to give the whole experience of the music. I have to give my whole body. When I get on the stage the music is pumping and I lose myself. I don’t know what’s happening. I am totally lost in the moment – but somehow I still know what exactly I am doing.”

The movements you make signal, more clearly than you might think, whether you believe, feel and understand the words that you’re singing. Or not.

The University of Oslo have put togetherFutureLearn course, starting on February 1st, all about the relationship between movement and music. It’s free and available to anyone, anywhere in the world:

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