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Paul McCartney

If you’re a musician, a songwriter, or simply a lover of music, you’ll find Paul McCartney’s extended interview/Q&A on BBC Radio 4’s “Mastertapes” fascinating.

The longer, downloadable radio version is here.

The video version is edited, with about 10 minutes removed, so, if you like A Day in the Life, find 24:25 minutes into the radio interview. McCartney talks about the shared songwriting with Lennon, about John Cage’s influence on the sound and about George Martin persuading the orchestra to follow unusual musical instructions. Paul says one member of the orchestra walked out in disgust when he was asked to ‘clap on the end of Hey Jude‘.

There’s something for everyone! If you teach music to children,  Paul has suggestions for inspiring lessons here.

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Singing True Milk Chocolate Love

I love you” is one of those phrases we measure precisely, down to the smallest change in breath and intention. Speaking it, singing it and hearing it. Especially the first time, and the last few times.

At least one important person in your life will have said “I love you”, without meaning it. A deep, protective human instinct awakes in your heart and warns you: “Beware

If it wasn’t too recent and it isn’t too painful, think back. What alerted your heart to the lie? Did the word ‘love‘ sound too thin and hollow? Or was ‘love you’ overstuffed with emotion? What detail in the sound tipped you off to a falseness in the words? Continue reading Singing True Milk Chocolate Love