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HAIM: Want you Back

We go over every single sound, every single beat

Este Haim

A single word: myself (at 1:33) shivers with realisation of mistakes made and responsibility taken. A story sung into two syllables:

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From the Contrabands to the Caucasus

It’s rare for a song to travel, untranslated, across continents, races and centuries, and to find itself widely cherished and beautifully sung in its new home. It’s extra surprising when long distance success is powered by one tiny word: go. In two different disguises.

Short, commonplace words are easy to misjudge when you sing in a foreign language. You can tip a whole song off-balance by putting too much or too little shape and stress into the little words.

I’d like you to try an experiment. An experiment with go.

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Moon River: a swan of a song

The first line of Moon River gives crystal clear guidance to singers. Any river that’s “wider than a mile” must flow smoothly and sedately.  The words are soft ripples raised by an evening breeze, moving gently on the spacious, lilting waltz time. No jagged rocks or rapids disrupt Moon River’s course:

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