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Don’t Look Back in Anger and don’t forget the T

People often choose Oasis songs for singing contests. They’re powerful and catchy. Sadly, a lot of contestants don’t listen to the Gallaghers properly. Just because Noel ghosts some of his consonants, it doesn’t mean they’re not important to the song. Continue reading Don’t Look Back in Anger and don’t forget the T

Just the Two of Us, and the letter W

We talked about Aretha Franklin adding a y so that she can make a smooth connection between words that end in vowel sounds and words that begin with vowel sounds in R.E.S.P.E.C.T. 

Listen to Bill Withers singing Just The Two of Us. Two ends with a vowel sound. Of starts with a vowel sound. What sound does Bill use to link the words together smoothly? Is it Aretha’s y? Or something else? Continue reading Just the Two of Us, and the letter W

The Ghostly D of Plan B

Watch Plan B sing “She Said.” He chose to include the actual phrase ‘she said’ 17 times in his song. The repetition is pure percussion. But his voice weaves a story around that repetition. Sometimes he lands on the of said hard, sometimes softly. And you, the listener, read him through the subtle messages contained within that choice. Just as the jury, and his girlfriend read him.

Why doesn’t he sing said exactly the same each time? Who is he trying to convince when he sings it: the jury, his girlfriend or himself? Watch his target change as the song goes on:

Continue reading The Ghostly D of Plan B