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Moonage Daydream, two ways

It takes a true artist to pour enjoyment into another man’s song and keep it there, despite the disinterest of the crowd. They’re waiting for Adele to take the stage:

Meanwhile, 15 years before Adele was born:



Singing Jolene? Breathe when Dolly breathes

When you want help to improve your long distance running technique, you hire Mo Farah, not Usain Bolt. True?

If you want to improve your ability to maintain a long  e vowel sound over a long distance, you hire Dolly Parton as your personal trainer.

Stay with Dolly, to the last millisecond, as she sings the long, long e of Jolene. Breathe. Pace yourself. Don’t run ahead of Dolly to reach the n before she does. Stay with Dolly. Stay on the vowel. Ready? Get set. Go:

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