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Marking the beat: Paranoid, 50 years on

Watch a supremely young Ozzy Osbourne keeping the beat with his head as he sings. Paranoid is a song of carefully placed syllables:

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Englishing Brazil for Export

If you wanted to encourage a localist English squirrel to try their first nibble of Brazil nut, what would you use to tempt them closer? Macadamia or hazelnuts?

Sergio Mendes knew that the 1960s’ English speaking world needed a touch of the familiar to entice them gently into his music. I’ll talk a bit more about that in a minute. First, a question: in the Mas Que Nada video, you see two women lip-synching to the vocals, but you’re hearing only one of their voices, multi-tracked. For fun, which of the two looks as if they own that voice?

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What’s in a Name?

Imagine this: you’re the vocalist in The Pink Phylloid psychedelic tribute band.  Tonight’s gig? A chateau near St Tropez. The usual dressing room routine: paisley, kohl, crushed velvet, hot thyme. DSC00841

Your manager bursts in. Le Twitter’s aflame. Not as you’d planned…

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