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Skyfall, Adele and the Ghosts of English Song

Written English is full of silent, dead letters: the k of knee, the b of thumb or the h of stomach. When it’s sung, English is haunted by different ghosts – consonants the singer chooses to shape but not to sound. Ghost sounds.

Ghost sounds are a powerful tool to use when you sing in English. And a dangerous trap if you’re learning English songs by ear.

Adele sings a full fright of ghosts into Skyfall. We all know that the word Skyfall ends with an ll but,  when Adele sings the word, what sound do you actually hear? An ll, or something slightly different? Is the sound exactly the same every single time she sings the word? Why does she sing the sound as she does?

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Sing September to your mirror

Try this exercise: Sing the word September to your mirror. Watch your mouth closely. What’s your tongue doing while you’re singing the ber sound? Do you move it when you pronounce the r of ber? Or do you keep your tongue relaxed and comfortably flat all the way through the b, the e and the r, with its tip touching the back of your bottom teeth? Continue reading Sing September to your mirror