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Little Simz: 101 FM. Something like an Odyssey

“a technically astonishing MC. Her verses freewheel from skippy, breathless flows that pack an impossible number of syllables per bar, to stop-start rhymes so tight to the beat they could’ve been superglued there.”    The Guardian

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Jazz, respect and memory

What’s a Polish song doing on a blog about singing in English? Blaszane Mordy is here to show that connecting with a song is a conscious skill, and an ability, that transcends language. You don’t need to understand Polish to ‘understand’ Lautari‘s Blaszane Mordy. Emotion pulses within the shape of the words alone:

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Blue Canvas: The Artist Miles Davis (BBC Radio 4)

“A painting is music you can see, and music is a painting you can hear.”     

In a BBC Radio 4 Seriously…  documentary, Miles Davis takes up art as therapy after his stroke in 1982 and comes to love it so much that he carries a sketchbook and pens in his trumpet case:

Richard Williams’ interview with Miles from1983 in the Guardian here begins: I’ll answer your questions if you’ll print my drawings. Richard regrets not buying some of them! You can see some of Miles’ artwork here.

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Hocus Pocus

It’s funny because I studied a lot of classical piano, organ and flute, but I never studied yodelling. And it made me famous throughout the world. It’s really funny.”

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When You Know Why You’re Happy

English words on the page are pinned to the dictionary. Music lifts words off the pin and breathes life, colour and complexity back into them. Intention shapes breath. Breath shapes sound.  Sound shapes meaning.

Think of ‘happy’. Light and joyful in the mouth of Pharell Williams, twisted into a painful shadow by Tom Robinson; Mary Margaret O’Hara lifts happy off the dictionary pin, and lets it fly free:

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