8 thoughts on ““Efo” Dhol Studio”

      1. Good to hear it. Yes, thanks, all well here.

        Thanks for the link. They’re talented young men. I wonder if playing the dhol is reserved for boys and men only. I’ve read that the Armenian Dhol was played by Caucasian soldiers going into battle and used as a signalling instrument https://bit.ly/3dX09zx

        It’s fascinating how differently tv shows are lit in different countries in different times. In the UK, it would be strikingly unusual nowadays to see a show with such psychedelic colours flashing while performers played. I can see that it has exuberance, but to a British eye it’s lit like a game show from the 70s. To me, the lights are a distraction. I imagine, to the Armenian audience, the lights signify something else entirely.


      2. They remind me of the splashiness and celebratory nature of music in the Southern Hemisphere. Seems the closer you get to the equator the showier it can be. Maybe us Northerners can’t afford to expend the energy, since we have to stay warm.

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      3. Interesting thought. I suppose most British entertainment shows, nowadays, are lit to a heightened level in relation to the world we see around us outside. I’ve never been to Armenia, but I imagine the light and the flowers are brighter in Yerevan than in London, so maybe Armenian entertainment shows are lit in an enhanced version of that. Though Armenia shares a latitude with New Jersey and Illinois, I think. Though sharing a latitude doesn’t mean sharing flowers or culture.

        After reading your comment, I dug a bit deeper into Armenia’s history and culture. There are those Armenians who believe that the bright lights date back to Soviet times “The modus operandi utilized so brilliantly by the Soviet Union is definitely alive and well around here. Give the people a good performance and they’ll forget their misery.” (from this article: http://asbarez.com/76205/bright-lights-questionable-intentions/)

        It’s certainly different to the style of tv entertainment here and would be the kind of thing that would signify, in an episode of Black Mirror, that a country had been taken over by an oppressive political regime. That there was some trickery, an element of ‘bread and circuses’ involved. But, like you, I’ve noticed that the further south you go, the brighter the tv becomes. And it signifies nothing about politics. Aren’t humans fascinating?


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