Moonage Daydream, two ways

It takes a true artist to pour enjoyment into another man’s song and keep it there, despite the disinterest of the crowd. They’re waiting for Adele to take the stage:

Meanwhile, 15 years before Adele was born:



2 thoughts on “Moonage Daydream, two ways”

  1. I’ll take Bowie’s live pefromance. The tempo that band took matched the song better than the Shadow Puppets. Bowie, et al, also have better stage presence, though I’ll bet they had a few more years of performing under their belts than Shadow Puppets do. Bowie presence on the stage was just larger than life. I did appreciate the orchestra group at the conclusion of the Shadow Puppets rendition. That showed adventurism.


    1. Hi there. Now that’s interesting. To me, Bowie looks sweet, polite and professional, but worn out. It’s the night at the Hammersmith Odeon when he announced that Ziggy and the Spiders were over, after 18 months of relentless international touring as Ziggy. I know what you’re saying though – the whole show must have been a spectacular experience for the audience.

      I think Bowie looks happier in 2000, on the Glastonbury Pyramid stage:

      I’m impressed by Alex Turner’s ability to make a song his own, in the face of such an impassive audience. I like the fact that he chose Moonage Daydream as his 2016 homage to Bowie at Glastonbury and I think he did it proud. It’s a heck of a responsibility to take on a Bowie song and, without the space-age make-up/costume/zeitgeist on his side, he had to find something different within the song.

      What do you think of his cover of Patsy Cline?:


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