Lorde: Yellow Flicker Beat, live at the BBC

There’s a point at which all the conscious thought and preparation for a song composts down into pure energy. The singer lives the song and the song lives in them. It’s a privilege to watch alchemy in action:

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8 thoughts on “Lorde: Yellow Flicker Beat, live at the BBC”

    1. There is a magic to it, I think. To be able to switch off the conscious part of your mind, the part that’s aware that you’re singing live, but to an invisible audience (so you’re getting no emotional feedback from them) and to ’embody’ the song, from the inside out. It’s like watching a great actor in action.

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      1. Kudos to the camera-folk too. They keep out of her way but capture it all. If David Hillier, who’s named as director, is the one who edited their collection of viewpoints together, he can be proud of his masterful job.

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  1. It’s amazing how Lorde moves when she’s singing, it is like she is feeling an electricity throughout her. She’s an amazing singer. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thanks Ariana. Glad you enjoyed it.

      As you say, she looks as if the song’s surging through her like an electrical current. I don’t think it’s a thing you could be taught to do and I’d say it’s high artistry when you can bring that kind of connection to a song.

      It’s what we’re all looking for from a performance, isn’t it – that feeling that the performer ‘is’ the song.


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