6 thoughts on “What do jazz singers want?”

  1. Such wise words! I don’t sing, I don’t play but I definitely try to grasp the language, the words, the sentences. Although I’m not very good at grammar rules, I love the sounds of the language. That is quite enough for me, it makes me happy and I feel I’m part of something! Thank you for sharing this wonderful video!

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    1. Hi Jose – she’s a good teacher, isn’t she? I thought the idea of jazz being sung in a way that’s designed to get people on their feet, dancing, is very interesting for anyone that sings in English, or for anyone who enjoys listening to jazz.

      Do you think it’s true for all jazz though? You’re the expert on that and I’d be interesting to know what you think.

      Most English people aren’t much good at grammar! The language lives outside the rules, I think, like those little bright flowers that grow up through cracks in concrete

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      1. To be on my feet when I hear a jazz singer isn’t my main purpose, I am interested in the whole atmosphere that is being created, I have the notion that I am living a moment that won’t be repeated so I need to live it fully, if I have to literally dance for that to happen – so be it!
        As you can imagine, feeling comfortable with the language, gives me time and space to enjoy details, those that make that moment special and unique.
        It’s true that great jazz singers make me “dance”, even if I’m not moving at all. I believe this “dancing” was also implied in the video – what a great voice she had by the way!

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  2. I reread my comment: I made two spelling mistakes: definitely and although are ruthless words for those who try to type faster than they should and think that rereading is clearly a task for the others.
    Sorry for that! 😀


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