Evelyn Glennie’s TED talk: How to truly listen to music

Evelyn Glennie explains why your ears are the least important part of the process of truly listening:

If you want to sing well, you need to listen well. If English isn’t your first language, you need to find a way to draw English lyrics close to your heart. To connect.

Without that emotional ‘owning’ of the song, you’ll sound flat and mechanical when you sing in English. As if you’re ‘going through the motions.’ Your audience will know that you don’t really ‘mean‘ what you sing. They won’t like it.

Bring English close to your heart by finding songs, poems or books that you love. Or plays or blogs or rap music. Find where the English that you love lives. Pay it a visit and invite it home with you.

© Sing Better English, 2015


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