From Ink to Sound

Another interesting free course from FutureLearn. It doesn’t start until November, which gives you plenty of time to catch a turkey and sharpen your own quill:


8 thoughts on “From Ink to Sound”

    1. It does sound intriguing, doesn’t it? The instructors look really enthusiastic and rather sweet.

      Thanks for thinking of me 🙂 I enjoyed the Peter Kay link – I missed him getting famous – I think it all happened while we were living in Spain. What did you think of his Bolton accent?

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      1. I adored his Bolton accent! It made me cock my head to the side a bit at first, like a daft dog struggling to understand its master, but once I got the hang of it I loved it. (This, coming from an American girl who can hardly distinguish American accents!)

        Speaking of accents, have you ever seen this video? I think it’s brilliant.

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      2. Thanks for that Heather – I’d seen a different version, without such a wonderful map! So yours is much more tactile somehow.

        Now, in the spirit of ‘fair exchange is no robbery’ – have you seen this video of Ben Crystal’s original, true Shakespeare? It ends a bit suddenly, but all the enthusiasm is there. Some of the audience thinks he sounds American, some think Pirates of the Caribbean – he explains why they’re all right. What do you hear?


      3. I’ve never seen a single one of Ben Crystal’s videos — so thank you, Elaine. What a gift you’ve given me! He’s extraordinary, as is his love of what he’s doing. I’m terrible at identifying accents, though, so the only impression I had was, “that sounds nothing like English.” I did love it, though, for all the reasons he cited. It’s more earthy, somehow. Just wonderful.

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      4. He’s very engaging, isn’t he? We saw him giving a talk at the British Library and it was the first time I’d heard Shakespeare spoken as it would have been spoken. Posh Shakespeare lives on though – English people slip into a ‘Shakespeare voice’ even when they’re drunk:

        By the way – I thought you might enjoy this posh English costume drama Pride and Prejudice/Britney Spears combination –

        All best wishes


    1. True, true. I sign up for everything that looks interesting and catch them when I can. That’s the lovely thing – being able to take them up and put them down according to your own wishes. But, I must admit, I feel slightly guilty when the course emails plop into my inbox saying ‘Week 5 of whatever’ when I haven’t managed to open Week 1!

      The two that I’ve enjoyed most so far have been Trinity College Dublin’s wonderfully well constructed course on Irish Lives in War and Revolution and Nottingham University’s course on cognitive poetics

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