You’re on a stage: are you Doris or George?

Doris Day’s playing Calamity Jane, riding the Deadwood Stage into town, singing lustily as she goes. We want you to focus on a word that she repeats three times, early in the song. A big clue: she holds it in her hand from (1.19) to (1.27). What is it?

The name of the song gives it away: Whip-Crack-Away!  You’ll hear Doris sing whip at (0.15), (0.32) and (0.56) too.  Got that vowel sound clear? Great, because now we’re moving on to George. George Harrison.

He’s not on stage himself. It’s a memorial concert. His son Dhani and some friends are performing George’s song While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Listen at (0.28), (0.45), (1.33), (1.50) and on through the song. Can you hear the clear difference between the word George’s friends are singing and the word that Doris sang?

Be careful with your vowel sounds. George Harrison’s song While My Guitar Gently Weeps takes on a whole new meaning if you sing While My Guitar Gently Whips instead. 

© Sing Better English, 2014


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